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What is an
Educational Audiologist?

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The primary role of the Educational Audiologist is to provide direct and consultative audiology services to children from birth through 22 in the school setting. Educational audiologists serve as members of the school multidisciplinary team who facilitate listening, learning and communication access via specialized assessments; monitor personal hearing instruments; recommend, fit and manage hearing assistance technology; provide and recommend support services and resources; and advocate on behalf of the students.  

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) specifies educational audiology as a related service, the same classification as speech-language pathology (SLP), occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), and nursing services. The expertise of an educational audiologist is unique from that of other professionals (e.g., teachers of the deaf [TOD’s]) and related service providers (e.g., speech-language pathologists [SLP’s]) whose typical focus is from an academic, social-emotional and/or speech language perspective. Educational audiologists connect diagnostic audiological information to the day-to-day impact of hearing loss in the classroom. With audiologists as active members of the educational team, students can be increasingly enabled to meet general education requirements and attain educational outcomes that match their hearing peers. Audiologists are the only professionals that are trained and licensed to select, fit, and verify hearing assistive technology and assess and diagnose auditory processing deficits and disorders.

Children with Hearing Loss Need an Educational Audiologist on their Educational Team - Wrightslaw

Many children with hearing loss attend public schools. These are children who wear hearing aids, cochlear implants, may only be deaf in one ear, or have an auditory processing disorder.

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